Not just a kind sentiment, or the title of one of Rob’s bands first songs; we went down to Bristol (/ Brissle / Glasssster) last weekend to see some family and help Rob chill after submitting his thesis. However, we were blissfully unaware of the scale of things to come.

On Saturday night we were treated to an evening with not just the extended Channons / Boultons / Marchs, but also the Cheethams, Pecks, Redfall, Neighbours, Travelers, Stapletons, Super Heath and more! As expected, Rob took a little more convincing to visit the dancefloor than Cat, but shapes were eventually pulled – though nothing to the level of Mia Boulton with what can only be described as the standing-bop-twerk – surely an instant classic.

On Sunday we were treated to lunch out at the rather fancy Tortworth Court with the Pecks and Cheethams.


The tasty food, good company and witty banter were much appreciated, especially by those with sore heads from the party the night before! Now all that remains is to get rid of all of the things in our house and pack.

PS/ Thank you to Barry and Margaret for planning the weekend.

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