Chips, Kebab, Sausage and Mayo.

There are two things you need to know to understand my excitement as I write this post.

  1. While we love it here, there are of course some things we miss. One of these is that you can’t find a good curry house and there is no such thing as a chip shop here. No chip cobbs, rolls, butties, batches or barns. It’s a case of you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.
  2. The other is that as mentioned in our Christmas blog post, our fish “Fish” passed away on the 23rd and we have been waiting to get our remaining fish “Chips” some friends.

So today we went out and got three new additions to our aquarium.

Meet Sausage:


and Mayo:
mayo 2

When letting the new fish adjust to the temperature of the water, Chips hid behind the reeds as we assumed he was scared of the new additions.

However when we let Sausage, Kebab and Mayo out into the tank, Mayo and Kebab hid behind the reeds with Chips and Kebab as if Sausage was some sort of… monster?

scary saussage 1

scary saussage 2

scary saussage 4
Eventually, they all joined forces to hide behind the reeds. I think we have some very dysfunctional fish…


Rob and Cat xx

PS/ New post tomorrow once it’s light enough to take pictures of our new wheels.

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