New Apartment Time!

Hi All,

We have now passed step one of being successful adults in Fort Collins – we are no longer homeless! Yay! We have put down a deposit on a beautiful newly built apartment, just to the north of Old Town in Fort Collins. It is a one bedroom apartment with a big open plan kitchen/ lounge area, as well as a separate bathroom, closet and utility room. It is extremely clean and white, and we love it:

Lovely Lounge
Lovely Lounge
Our Kitchen Up Close...
Our Kitchen Up Close…

Fortunately for us the kitchen comes furnished with all the big essentials, so we have a massive fridge (I think both of us could sit inside it), oven, microwave and dishwasher! There is also a lovely double sink, a breakfast bar and a crazy amount of storage space, which is good.

The bedroom also has a built in wardrobe and a lovely view, although strangely no lighting of any kind. Apparently it is not uncommon in the US for apartments to be ‘naturally lit’, so whilst we have light on the kitchen end we will need lamps for the side near the windows. Lamps are very cheap and can be controlled from light switches so this is not a problem, but we did find this a bit odd…


Happily, our bathroom makes up for this by being almost impossibly bright:

Much Light. So Bath.
Much Light. So Bath.

It is also very lovely/ clean/ new, and has a big bath and shower and again, lots of draws for storage.

We’re now in the process of the worlds biggest thift shop pillage with the help of the amazing Rosemary and Chris (our US hosts), so hopefully we can show some pictures of it looking nice and furnished soon!

More to follow… 🙂

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