Best Day Ever!

Yesterday was fabulous – now that we have our apartment can relax a little, so we decided to treat ourselves by having brunch at the local pancake house. When we were in New Jersey we visited an Original Pancake House and I do not exaggerate when I say it was a truly transcendent experience. The Fort Collins Original Pancake House was no different.

I literally almost died, I stuffed my face with bacon pancakes, maple syrup and coffee until I could stuff no more. But this is nothing compared to the truly heroic effort that Rob put up in the face of his breakfast omelette:

Complete with strange goo...
Complete with strange goo…

It was twice the size of his head and came with an additional side of pancakes. He managed about a quarter of it – which doesn’t sound like much but I dare you to do better – and we have the rest stored in the fridge as tasty leftovers. Good times!

After stuffing ourselves senseless we dropped into the local Home Store, with a brief detour to the pet shop as we thought the walk around may help us recover. Little did we know it was KITTEN DAY in the store! They were everywhere, available to take home on the same day. Morally we weren’t sure this was the most responsible way to dish out pets, but this didn’t stop me from cuddling a lot of kittens while Rob desperately tried to take evasive maneuvers…

So tiny!

Sadly Rob managed to get us out of there before kittens were purchased, but not before we learnt of the upcoming ‘Puppy Day’, which we may just have to happen to be in the area for 😉

In the Home Store we bought some very comfy throws for our new sofas so now have an excellent lounging area to enjoy in our new flat. We just need some big sofa cushions and we’re all set, so pictures to follow once we have them!

Finally on Friday night we attended the international students Halloween party, so got to put some names to faces and have a fun few hours on campus. American’s are very big on fancy dress for Halloween, so we made the effort to look creepy:

Halloween fancy dress
Ten points for anyone who fully appreciates the humour behind Rob’s choice of costume…

So yes, good times! More to follow! 🙂

One thought on “Best Day Ever!

  1. Glad to hear you’re having fun and going for the whole American Experience! I think one Cat in the third floor apartment is definitely enough! Good luck tomorrow Rob I hope you recognise your new colleagues in their normal clothes! Love A Claire xx


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