Decorating, more like decorate-win!

Hey friends, Rob here.

Before I begin, a fair warning:
Me and Cat are competing to see who can get the most / worst puns in a post.

So since moving in we have started filling our flat with things to make it seem more homely. We started by buying two sofa’s from a consignment shop, then covering up the somewhat unappealing teal/beige/fail colour scheme with some lovely soft cream throws:

Much sit, very chair, so-fa

Although we have now adjusted to the time difference – 7 hours behind the UK on mountain time (that is not a pun but the actual name for our time zone, take that GMT!) – we still don’t really understand betimes thanks to American Netflix.

So we bought a nice clock to lighten up our walls:

Hickory dickory dock, some hands go around the clock.

Also, I had a massive fail and bought a bike from Walmart. Needless to say after 4 days of riding the handle bars were falling off and the brakes did not work in the rain.

I have upgraded now to this lovely second hand bike described by Cat as “pretty badass”.


Finally, Cat decided to setup and art gallery to brighten our kitchen/living room. We got these lovely three pictures from a hospital craft sale and they depict local and US scenes of interest.

Unfortunately, we kind of, sort of forgot to write them down before putting them up on the wall…

From left to right we have (we think),
1) A rock formation from Arizona or something
2) Aspen trees from Aspen
3) A national park in southern Colorado

Rob and Cat xx