White Elephant

Hello all, sorry for the sporadic posting, we have been busy doing lots of shopping and Christmas-ing.

So last week we had my work Christmas party. All of our group plus partners and children congregated at my bosses beautiful house in the south of Fort Collins for presents, eats and drinks.

Those who have been forced into eating my Key-Lime Pie in the past (also known as Blimey that’s Limey) will be pleased to know I managed to recreate the recipe with American ingredients, though they have NO BISCUITS HERE, so I used cookies instead.

Amongst the tasty food and drink we tried was the Brazilian spirit Cachaҫa alone, and in the form of a tasty limey cocktail called Caipirinha (recipe here – though fair warning; and I quote “two or three of these and you wake up and don’t remember your night”).

Thanks to Thiago for the experiance.

By far the highlight of the evening aside from the stellar company was the white elephant. This is a gift giving process similar to Secret Santa but enhanced. The rules are:

  1. Everyone brings a wrapped but unlabelled present for say $15
  2. Everyone draws a number from a hat
  3. Number 1 opens their present
  4. Number 2 can open another or steal the first present (then the first person gets to go again)
  5. Number 3 can open another or steal from 1 or 2.
  6. No present can be stolen more than twice.

It sounds a little complicated, but works really well as there is no pressure to get a specific present for somebody and there are a few joke gifts that somehow turn up every year.

Our Teddy Bear was very well received but we were not prepared for the magnitude of our gifts.

Gave him a lift home on my bike as he had had too many Caipirina’s

I opened mine to reveal a box of brownies, which upon opening revealed the three most recent James Bond films on DVD. It then turned out there was another British present which Cat miraculously chose:

The box said this way up so we were suspicious. Cat then opened it to find a small box and a tube of Pringles. It then dawned on us that Pringles are crisps, which are known as chips here, hence the present must be fish and chips.

So Cat opens the remaining box expecting some fish shaped sweets to find actual live goldfish in a bag!

Spot the Fish and Chips.

Apparently they had been in the box a whole day without food or extra oxygen, but fortunately we managed to get them home safe and set them up with a tank shown above.

They are of course named Fish (the orange one) and Chips (the mixed coloured one)



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