Be my friend and keep me safe.

Hi all

So as a leaving present for completing my PhD and for five years in my old research group (Warwick Electrochemistry & Interfaces group), I was bought tickets to see a fantastic band called Post Modern Jukebox in Denver.

We hired the smallest car we could find (a Chevy Impala) and drove down to the beautiful paramount theatre in Denver.

Wow, such theatre.

We managed to quickly eat dinner in a very famous chain restaurant called the Hard Rock Café (a favourite of Barry’s). These restaurants have rock memorabilia all over the walls, so that famous musicians can ‘reserve’ their seat by donating some clothes, a guitar etc.

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Though the Denver branch is relatively young (1998), they still had some fantastic stuff like a smashed up Pete Townsend guitar, some kitty ears and tail belonging to Madonna, and this guitar and apt description of albino electric guitarist Jonny Winters:

Amusingly, there had been a lot of snow in northern Colorado such that the band had not been able to drive and their flight had been delayed. As such they hired a private plane to transport them (so probably made a loss on the gig), but put on a very good show none the less.

The band take modern classics and put them in old-school styles (e.g. 1920’s jazz). They had 5 different singers and famous tap dancer Sarah Reich, as well as piano, drums, woodwind / brass and double bass so they did a wide variety of numbers. I made a playlist of my favourite songs here:

On the way back we were understandably quite tired and it was past midnight by the time we left. However, the previous renters of our car had left an interesting cd in the drive…

It appeared to be a kid’s cd for learning about the world, with personalised lyrics from this very high pitched woman over nursery rhyme covers. I have been unable to find the name of the cd, but our favourite track (which required audience participation) went like this:

What do we do when someone is in our personal space?
We say…

Stop friend, you’re too close
Stop friend, you’re too close
Stop friend, you’re too close

Be my friend and keep me safe.

I’m sure you can imagine us singing along – very loud – to this driving home for Christmas.

Rob and Cat xx

3 thoughts on “Be my friend and keep me safe.

    1. Heya
      Thanks for reading it 🙂
      I couldn’t tell you the tune, but we have found the cd though we can find no record of it online…
      Happy to send you the songs if you want?


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