The Aquarium, You Guys!

Hi all!

We went to Denver on Saturday to give the car a run, and to see more of our lovely state capital! It’s only about an hours drive away, so we are keen to explore it.

We drove down, hindered only slightly by the car engine starting to smoke. We took a quick detour to the garage, the mechanics confirmed that it was just leftover oil from the previous leak, and back off we went with no futher problems!

We had a lovely drive down – Colorado weather did it’s usual thing and behaved erratically, so it was very warm. We actually had to turn the air conditioning on in the car, it was lovely! When we got to Denver it was still nice and sunny, so we walked around Downtown for a bit and enjoyed the sights. These include some pretty energetic displays of Broncos support via lights and hanging shirts:


I also enjoyed the Police motorcycles, which you could sit on and have your picture taken! This was the first of many public displays of childishness, of which I regret none:


Once we tired of making vroom-vroom noises, we headed up to the Denver Aquarium since it was rumoured to be amazing. It also has the two most baffling main attractions of any aquarium ever… Mermaids and Tigers!! This we had to see.

We arrived late in the afternoon so avoided most of the sticky children, leaving us free to enjoy such cool things as the walk through the underwater tunnel:


The happy Stingrays:


The Eel party:


The scary massive shark tank:


Mr Tiger, who mercifully was not in a fish tank of his own:


And my personal favourite, Mr Octopus!


After walking around for a few hours we got the end of the Aquarium, where you can feed the stingrays! I fed a lot of stingrays, and Rob fed one before deciding that he did not like having his fingers nibbled. We would’ve taken pictures, but the stingrays were extremely splashy! They were noticeably impatient for their frozen little fish.

After petting the stingrays we made our way over the face painting stall, where we absolutely did not get our faces painted. We are responsible grown ups who would not make a scene like that.

Ok, fine. We love face paint. We couldn’t resist.

Now that we were looking sufficiently fancy, we doubled back to catch the last Mermaid show of the day. I would love to say that we went out of curiousity, or to be ironic, but no. Mermaids were awesome when I was five, and they’re still awesome now! The show itself did not disappoint – there were three girls with Mermaid tails swimming around the actual main fish tank, doing very impressive free diving and synchromised swimming. And, of course, working the children (and me) into a frenzy:


I was beyond excited. Finally, we went outside to further show off our cool face paint and to check out the 4D-cinema. We had a brief debate about whether it was actually 4-dimensional, and decided that at best the name was misleading. Nonetheless, we went to see a brief documentary about Shallow Waters, which we only slightly came to regret.

It turns out that in this case the cinema is 4D because stuff is happening in the cinema itself, as well as on the 3D screen. When a Whale splashes you get water shot in your face, when you see Starfish on the ocean floor something whips your legs, and so on. At one point in the film a snake jumps out, at which point something stabbed out of the back of each seat and poked everyone in the kidneys! Really hard! Everyone was extremely afraid of their seats after that. It was pretty interesting, but certainly not relaxing…

Deciding that this was enough fun for one day, we left the Aquarium and headed back to lovely Fort Collins, only slightly delayed by me missing the turn on the interstate. It was definitely good times though, so we hope to be back to Denver again soon!

Thanks for reading 🙂 Xx

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