Adventures in Consumerism!

Hello again! Sorry for all the blog posts – I’ve been struck down with a cold so am trying to do something useful that does not require movement 🙂 That said, Rob and I braved the outside world today to visit the Loveland Outland Mall, since Rob has almost no clothes. Also, because the Outlet Mall is amazing and absurd.

All the Malls that we’ve visited so far differ from England in that the shops aren’t interconnected. There is just a big car park in the middle, and all the shops are around the edge. This means that if you’re feeling super lazy, you can literally drive from store to store! Although rest assured, we did not. It’s a little strange, but I guess makes more sense once you think about it. Here is a map of the mall, with all the gaps between stores being a super-massive car park:

Mall map
Disclaimer: You will absolutely be visited this Mall when you visit us

There is also an even bigger mall across the road, with many shops of every kind plus an ice rink. We were pretty impressed.

Traffic Jams come free
Plus you could watch people fall over from the nearby cafe 🙂

We did much shopping, and were impressed by the many absurd discounts. At the risk of sounding like I’m advertising, it really was extremely cheap:

$5? That’s £3.45?? What is happening?!

We of course got some new shops in the absurdly cheap shoe store! Rob got some fancy new Vans, and I got some pretty red shoes that I definitely cannot wear in the snow (or ever). Absolutely no points for guessing which are which:

Once our feet were taken care of, we headed into the massiveness that was Macy’s. Again, prices were absurd:

$5.80? That’s £4.00?! HOW??

After much trying on of clothes, and some translating between English and American, we got there. Here is a helpful guide for future reference:

  • Trousers = Pants
  • Jumpers = Sweaters
  • Salopettes = Snow Pants – much to our annoyance

The last one took me a really long time, and much confusion on the part of the poor store guy 🙂 Anyway, behold!

Moody Blue Steel was at my request

The comfy hoody was $12.99 – reduced from $75. The trousers, $40 reduced from $65. It was very hard not to spend a lot of money, tricksy Mall!

So yes, just a little blog post for today, but important information nonetheless! The lesson here is that you must bring an extra suitcase when you visit us. And help us curb what might be the start of a crippling spending addiction.

Woo! 🙂 🙂 Xx

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