For some strange reason, the British accent suggests trustworthiness and intelligence to Americans. So rather than the usual reaction to the Brissle accent,

“Alright my darlin’, fetch us a Thatchers will ye?” – Jamie MacDonald

my sounds are translated to,

Sean Connery as James Bond
“Martini, shaken not stirred”

Anyway, long story short our friends Jaclyn and Willie have let us look after their two 10 week old kittens for 4 days, whilst they celebrate their grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Meet Grant and Chewie:

Whilst they were a bit shy at first, especially looking around for Jaclyn and Willie after they dropped them off (as, where are they hiding?), they have now taken to us.

And here I am tickling the belly of a snoozly ‘the-kitten-currently-known-as-Grant’:

In fact, when I went to pick something up from the floor just before bedtime the first night, Grant leapt up on my lap for a nap / to give me squatting practice.

I have a Cat top, soley for greeting Cats

Part 2 coming soon

Rob, Cat, Chewie & Grant x

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