Beer and Reservoirs!

Hi All!

Sorry for the delay since last posting! We are having a great time here in Fort Collins, enjoying an exciting mixture of cold snow and blazing sunshine! But more on that later…

For now I want to tell you about our current hobby – amateur beer tasting! In the US they do not sell beer in supermarkets, you have to go to a separate liquor store, and these liquor stores are very good fun! It might just be because Fort Collins has so many local breweries but the range of beer is outstanding. We decided to pace ourselves with the following selection:

Beer!It’s a hard job tasting these beers, but arguably someone has to do it! We’re working our way through in no particular order, my favorite ( <- notice the US spelling, we are bending to the inevitable) is the Agave Wheat beer from Breckenridge Brewery! Not exactly in Fort Collins, but still nice and close by. We will keep you posted as we work our way through!

In other news we took a trip around Horsetooth Reservoir last weekend so that we could get a bit higher up and see the pretty sights, and it was lovely! It was quite bright and we needed to drink quite a lot of water for the small time we were up there, and we still managed to get a bit sunburnt… but still! I also did my very best to get us completely lost as Rob will happily tell you, but fortunately he is not telling this story so my dignity is safe 🙂

The Reservoir is to the west of town, so we thought we would start small and local in our exploration of the US! Some pictures, only partially obscured by our big faces:

Reservoir 1 Reservoir 2

As you can see it is very big and clear, and it’s also really quiet since it’s a little way out of town and very high up. I was hoping to be able to report back some exciting nature sightings but actually there was no animal life of any kind, however we did see a few people rock climbing so that will just have to do!

In the summer you can rent boats and row around in the reserviour, so we are definitely keen to do this! We were looking into doing in sooner (but before it starts snowing heavily) but we think the cold will make it a little hard to deal with… I think after our first Fort Collins winter we will be a lot more hardcore, so we can go from there!

More to follow,

Cat & Rob

One thought on “Beer and Reservoirs!

  1. Thank you for your post and for our Skype session last night. The reservoir looks beautiful and similar to Yosemite – very rocky but fairly lifeless. I’m glad you are managing to get out and about before the snow comes.


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