Healthy Saturday!

Hi All,

We’ve spent our first free Saturday here trying to live the healthy Fort Collins lifestyle, and it’s been great fun! We have been told that there are two important things that make you a real Fort Collins resident – owning a dog, and driving a Subaru, on top of being generally healthy, happy and a bit hipster.

Sadly this post is not to tell you that we have bought a dog or a Subaru, but we were very, very lucky that our wonderful surrogate family Rosemary and Chris let us play pretend with theirs. First, the absolute highlight of the day:

Say hello to Toby!

We grew very fond of Toby the dog when we were living with Rosemary and Chris, and Toby has been very keen on Rob ever since Rob took him for a nice long run along the local river! Happily they let us take him out again today, so the three of us walked to the river:


Played a very soggy game of fetch:

He likes swimming around in the cold water, we promise!

Got showered in dog water:


Did some sprinting around:


And had a generally fabulous time:

Best Friends Forever!!

We then took the very damp and tired out Toby back to Rosemary and Chris’s house so that he could relax, at which point they were kind enough to let us practice our American driving again in their more-reasonably-sized-than-most-of-the-cars Subaru! It’s getting less scary now, thank goodness – hopefully we can look into getting our own Colorado driving licenses in the not to distant future.

Subaru Outback
“My wheel is on the wrong side and I have no clutch pedal!”

Tomorrow we will do our best to get something else every Fort Collins needs – a new bicycle for Rob. He has been using one that we bought from Walmart for the last week, but the handlebars behave like the may fall of at any minute so we think it’s best that he upgrades to something a bit less scary.

We’ll also be trying to soak up more of the lovely sunshine before our skies fill with snow, which will probably happen over the next few weeks.

More to follow!

Cat & Rob Xx

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